Health Care

Tools for self-advocates and health professionals to improve communication and accommodation for people with special needs. Hammers, monkey wrenches, and screwdrivers


Health Care Advocacy

Do No Harm
Sometimes we have to smash the templates, so people have to build new ones, based on us.
Intro to Health-Care Self-Advocacy document packet:
Intro to Health-Care Self-Advocacy for Aspies.pdf

“Health-Care Self-Advocacy for Aspies” presentation at the AASCEND conference on October 15, 2011:
AASCEND 10 15 11.pdf

“My Health-Care Experience”. My friend Jay wrote this up about a horrible Urgent Care experience he had.  It’s similar to a lot of stories AASPIRE has been collecting in their research:

“Medical Information”. This is a custom Health Passport I wrote up when I needed surgery for a broken ankle:
Medical Information.pdf

“Medical Alert”. The original rant that led to the “What I wish My Doctor Knew” handout:
Medical Alert.pdf

“Urgent Care”. A very rough script for a short film about an Aspie getting health-care.

“What I Wish My Doctor Knew About Me as a Person on the Autism Spectrum (Aspie)” informational handout.  It’s also been translated into Swedish:

“What I Wish My Doctor Knew About Me as A Person With Sensory Sensitivities” informational handout:
What I Wish-Sensory.pdf

“Health Passport” - English. A great Health Passport developed at the University of Southern Florida:

“Health Passport” - Pasaporte de Salud, en español, de la Universidad de Florida del Sur:

UCSF Office of Developmental Primary Care

AASPIRE (Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership in Research and Education)

Florida Center for Inclusive Communities (University of Southern Florida)

The Medical Alert T-shirts can be purchased on Zazzle: