Shred of Dignity
1392 Page Street #1
San Francisco, CA 94117
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Neurodiverse Cultural Therapy since 1984

Shred of Dignity has been crafting environments for neurodiverse cultural therapy since it formed in 1984.  We work on projects and create incubator environments where new ideas can be explored and developed.  If something works, it gets spun off into an ongoing activity or organization. 

Current Projects
Health Care
Tools for self-advocates and health professionals to improve communication and accommodation for people with special needs. Hammers, monkey wrenches, and screwdrivers.

An innovative Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) implementation using TouchChat on the iPad.

Mentoring/Life Coaching
Individualized one-on-one mentoring, in a fluid, informal arrangement.    

Transitional and ongoing supports for people challenged by NeuroTypical workplaces; and awareness training for employers.  

Sensory Friendly Environments
Guidelines and surveys for removing sensory barriers.

Opportunities for functional learning.
Maker Activities

Rugby for neurodiverse children and adults. 
Furry Fandom.
The Blue Ball Machine visual stim

A personal description of Asperger’s Syndrome: 

A description of the Mirror Neuron System:

A good general description of Asperger’s Syndrome:
“A Field Guide to Earthlings” by Ian Ford site

The early Shred of Dignity story, from the book “Gimme Something Better”

Wrong Planet, the preeminent Forum site for Aspies & Auties.

The Wired “Geek Syndrome” article:

The rdos Aspie Quiz, by Leif Ekbad. It’s based on traits instead of impairments:

AASCEND (Autism, Asperger Syndrome Coalition for Education, Networking and Development)

Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)

YouTube video with Tony Attwood talking about Clay Marzo and Aspergers:

YouTube video with basic characteristics and famous Aspies:

“The Waiting Room”, a funny YouTube Aspie video:

“Asperger’s Syndrome”, a great animated video:

Autism Social Connection. A great group, mostly having filmmaking & social groups for Aspie teens:
Wish List
iPad for AAC development support
(iPad given with payments deferred)
TouchChat for development support
(thanks to Clarissa Kripke)
TouchChat for iPhone development
Thanks to Ingrid Lusebrink for donation